I work with women entrepreneurs & coaches to build a profitable business by clearing their money mindset, branding authentically using their signature system to create financial freedom...
And have fun along the way!

"My customers won't pay that kind of money!"

" I need more clients - where can I find them?"

"Why did I want to own my own business - I work like crazy - why can't I turn a profit?"

"There's got to be a better way!"

I am a business profitability coach. My purpose is to hlep you achieve the goal of having a business that makes you PROFITS!

Profitable businesses have owners who can realize revenue growth, have efficient operations and can have the peace of mind that comes with managing at a higher level.

Our Virtual Fall Expert Series!

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Join us for an evening of networking, spotlights and our expert speaker, Celeste DeCamps.

An opportunity for you to connect with other women leaders and business owners to share your vision for the future and how you work to bring about change in your business or community.

FREE GIFTS for all attendees – Register to grab your Virtual Goodie Bag full of gifts, discounts and more!

Enjoy featured speakers, authors, and businesses (Sponsor opportunities available – see ticket page) including “Profit Points with Jane” and our interactive featured presentation:

  • Empowerment Through Movement

    Are you waiting for your mind to tell you that you are strong and confident?

    Are you waiting for someone to acknowledge your expertise and skills before you can believe in yourself?

    Are you tired of waiting?

    Body language is the first impression we give people. She will show you the importance of how we hold our bodies when we sit, stand, and walk. Celeste will provide you with valuable tools to use when you need a boost to your self-esteem, especially when you are feeling anxious.

    ***SPONSOR opportunities available - Check under Add-ons on the Ticket page***

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