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I offer programs to eliminate the three biggest issues business owners struggle with: getting the price they are worth, having repeatable systems that are practiced and documented to allow for an efficient workplace, and pursuing ever-changing marketing oppotunities. With a strategies in place, my "Pivot Plan for Profit" system will optimize processes, systemize operations and free-up time to work on your business - to bring more business in and increase your sales and profits, and most of all, to give you back peace of mind.


Some clients don't know they are stuck - they have accepted "status quo" and are okay with where they are - it's what they do. My clients are looking for clarity and peace of mind. They are looking for a way to t ake everything they have done and have true management of everything that needs to be done. Profit should not be an elusive result and the day-to-day should never be thought of as a "grind".


Together, we look for "bottleneck" that hamper forward movement. We brainstorm solutions, working thtough our system to grow your customer base and industry-reah by utilizing strategic partnerships, creating unique "Signature Systems" only you provide for your customer, while keeping true to your brand.

Success is measured in more time to do the things you want and need to do - to grow your business with less worry and increased profits!

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    Jane Parmel
    Business Leadership Coach

    - MS, Education, Brooklyn College

    - CPC (Certified Professional Coach)

    - Professional Certificates:

    • Entrpreneurial Studies
    • Management Consulting
    • Lean Six Sigma
    • Certified Social Marketing Associate (CSMA)
    • Hootsuite Platform

      Jane taught for many years at the Elementary School Level in the Brooklyn area.  She is Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative alum.  Her management experience comes first hand through teaching, co-founding and running a twenty-five year-old Event Management business, serving on Property Management & Community Service Boards, and instructing other Event Professionals on the local and national levels.  Jane work included creating systems for logistics, order processing, project, time and inventory management, as well as all marketing and customer service.

    Programs for business owners and entrepreneurs include knowing your value, branding your business, finding your ideal audience and creating your Signature Systems.

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