About Jane...

My mom & dad were not businesspeople, but they sure knew how efficiencies made everything flow. I inherited their love for records, systems & a plan for everything. My bosses were always happy to receive reports from me, neatly done & on time. It served me well in business, but I forgot about the WORK - I was so busy working, I forget to take time for yourself & was never sure my business was profitable.

I have been a teacher, coach, lifeguard, fitness trainer, & office manager. At least once a year, in any of those jobs I heard "Could you wait to cash that paycheck?" Even as a business owner, when it was tight, my partner & I skipped a paycheck so there would be enough to pay the staff. I knew there had to be an better way but change is scary. We accepted "status quo" to "get the job done" because "this is what we do".

Then Superstorm Sandy hit - it changed everything we knew.

Rethink, reassess, regroup & start again. With the guidance of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative & a group of business coaches, I learned how to embrace my strength – to help people learn the things they don’t tell you about entrepreneurship, manage them and to plan for profit!

Why I do this:

My programs help entrepreneurs organize, plan & move in to action. To see the “whys” in business, clearing hang-ups about money, understanding the value they offer, branding authentically to a clear niche with a “Signature System” – making huge transformations.

What I do:

I help people get comfortable talking about money & the value they give, getting the price they want for sharing the systems they created. “The Profit Project” is a challenge to work ON your business, not in it to increase your sales and profits and restore peace of mind to your everyday.

Who I do it for:

I do it for those who want to get out of the grind and like what they do again! My clients are looking for clarity and peace of mind. They are looking for a way to take what they have done, their unique vision & realizing consistent profitability.

What you can expect when you work with me:

We break through "bottlenecks" that hamper forward movement, brainstorm solutions, get comfortable with the money & value talk, use the foundations of your authentic brand & sharpen the focus of your “Signature System”. Consistent clients and profit for your business is my goal.

SPECIALTIES: Management Consulting, Marketing, Profitability, Signature Systems, Operations,

SPEAKING TOPICS: Authenticity, Being a Message Maker, LGBTQ Issues, Women’s Empowerment

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