About Jane...

Efficient operations, loyal employees, profit, and peace of mind. Goals of every business owner. What really happens? You wind up doing everything, handling everyone & every issue. You can accept "status quo" and simply, get the job done.

Not what you thought it would be?

"I need a change", "I have to find an easier way", "I got into this business to make money - where is it all going?" Sometimes that change finds you. After 19 years in business, we accepted "status quo" to "get the job done" because "this is what we do"; change found us in the form of Superstorm Sandy. It changed everything we knew.

Every. Single. Thing.

Today, business owners must be able to reinvigorate their existing businesses, communicate strength & lead their team & customers. Foundations must be reinforced - charging what your worth, marketing to a focused niche, efficient workflow and profitability are every business owner's goal.

Why I do this:

Success is measured in more time to do the things you want and need to do - to grow your business with less worry and increased profits!

My clients deserve to have someone to cheer them on, guide them, answer their questions, and help them work through issues to come out clearer on the other side - to a more profitable and more reliable business.

What I do:

I offer programs to eliminate the three biggest issues business owners struggle with: getting the price they are worth, having repeatable systems that are practiced and documented to allow for an efficient workplace, and pursuing ever-changing marketing opportunities. With a strategies in place, my "Pivot Plan for Profit" system will optimize processes, systemize operations and free-up time to work on your business - to bring more business in and increase your sales and profits, and most of all, to give you back peace of mind.

Who I do it for:

Some clients do not know they are stuck - they have accepted "status quo" and are okay with where they are - it is what they do. My clients are looking for clarity and peace of mind. They are looking for a way to take everything they have done and have true management of everything that needs to be done. Profit should not be an elusive result and the day-to-day should never be thought of as a "grind".

What you can expect:

Together, we look for "bottleneck" that hamper forward movement. We brainstorm solutions, working through our system to grow your customer base and industry-reach by utilizing strategic partnerships, creating unique "Signature Systems" only you provide for your customer, while keeping true to your brand.

Less worry, Increased profits - a clearly defined plan!

Management Consulting, Marketing, Profitability, Signature Systems. Operations, Hospitality/Restaurant Management

Authenticity, Disaster Recovery, LGBTQ Issues, Diversity & Inclusion & Women’s Empowerment

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