Money should never be left on the table in business

and many business owners do just that because they don’t know they ways to harness revenue growth. By optimizing the processes you already have in place and implementing new ones with a strategic and easy-to-follow plan, we can find up to $100,000 that is sitting untapped in your business. We make your business more efficient and allow you to generate (and keep) more profits!

Our programs include:

Jane Parmel, Business Consulting, One to One Coaching


Are you tired of going it alone when it comes to building your business? Do you spend countless hours attempting to generate leads, attract new clients and increase your revenue and profits… but see little in the way of results?

Have you finally made the decision it’s time to get help from a true professional who does this every day… does it successfully… and has a proven track record for making millions of dollars for businesses just like yours?

I will help you increase your leads and sales, generate leads, create marketing that actually produces results, increase your revenue substantially, and position your business as the dominant force in your industry.

Coaching is NEVER an expense. It’s one of the smartest investments any business owner will ever make when it comes to building a successful business.
Let me show you how I can help YOUR business – both professionally and financially.

Schedule an appointment convenient for you at the link below and I’ll show you the results that are possible when it comes to growing your business.

Jane Parmel, Weekly Group Coaching, Business Coach


Success is a team sport. You need help building your business to record levels of profitability.

Every week I teach you the latest, innovative, lead generation / lead conversion strategies, show you exactly how to apply each strategy to your business, provide multiple case studies, and transform your business financially and professionally.

Each strategy we cover includes tons of examples so the information provided can be easily applied to your business. The content for each session is specifically designed to help provide a “transformational” experience for your business.

The end result – you will separate your business from your competition and dominate your market.
Find out if Group Coaching is the affordable answer to building your business.

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Jane Parmel, Double Your Profits, Webinar, DIY Online Learning


Access ALL of Our Tools, Resources and Training Online 24/7/365

If you ask any small business owner what they need more than anything in their business, you get the same two answers every time… more clients and more revenue.

How would you like a simple, proven and tested way you can double your profits with little time, effort or expense on your part?
My Online Business Academy is designed to help you generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money than you’ve ever made before in your business.

This program is the equivalent to earning an online MBA in Business. I’ll provide you with complete access to the largest collection of online resources for business owners, weekly training videos, and proven & tested marketing and advertising strategies and templates that will make your business the obvious choice to buy from.

Gain 24/7/365 Access to the World’s Most Dynamic Client Attraction and Revenue Generating Program
Available Anywhere Today.

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