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"Change it Up" Roundtable
Join our monthly "Change It Up" Roundtable!

Are you a solopreneur? The only executive in your company? You should have the ability to speak with like-minded, similarly-positioned people about what you are going through? You are THE decision-maker in your business.

True benefits come from discussing business challenges with people at your level or have already been where you are now. Get inspired and leave this virtual session with valuable, actionable strategies.

Monthly 90 minute session includes: Attendee Networking, Topic Presentation, & Open Business Challenge, Discussion (each attendee will have a turn)

Please note: Limited-seat program (10 only); offer discounts for multi-session sign-up


· February – “Resilient Return 2021”

· March – "Whatcha Need" Open Session

· April – “Amplify your Audience”

· May – "Whatcha Need" Open Session

· June – “Exit Strategies”

· July – "Whatcha Need" Open Session

· August – “Got those Family/Partner Blues!”

· September – "Whatcha Need" Open Session

· October – “Connecting the Dots”

· November – "Whatcha Need" Open Session

· December – “Raising the Profit Roof”

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