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Host your own events and make them work for you!
Event Coaching
Do you want to create empowering events that engage and inspire your clients and followers?

Do you want to create changes in your business and in the lives of others?

Sharing your knowledge, experience and gifts is one of the best things you can do to create impact both for yourself and for those you serve.  We each possess so much information that can help others and getting those words to an audience is essential to you and your business’ growth.  Meeting your ideal clients, face-to-face, where they can grow to know you, like you and trust you is part of what makes you a great manager, an entrepreneur, a leader.

Today’s world cries out for leaders like you to share their gifts through presentations, keynote speeches, workshops, empowerment summits and more. Creating an event, building and managing it as well as integrating it into everything else that makes up your business can be daunting but you know the opportunities it will open up.

We can help.

Do you want to learn how to create and manage your own events, leading as a professional with a message to share?

Want to leave them begging for more?  What you bring to your audience is powerful and your events need to be set from the start.  A well-run event takes time and effort, as well as a leader whom your staff can depend on for strategies, planning and action at a professional level.

Our clients include:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners 
  • Speakers
  • Coaches   
  • Authors       
  • Non-profit Leaders       
  • Teachers
  • Bloggers    
  • Instructors
  • Therapists
  • Creatives
  • Entertainers    

We work with you to clarify your vision, give you an actionable plan to see measurable and immediate results.

Types of Events:
  • Seminars 
  • Meetings 
  • Trade Shows
  • Fundraisers    
  • Presentations
  • Launches
  • Conferences
  • Classes       
  • Social Events
  • Multi-Day Events
  • Workshops    

Want to work with me?

I will help you turn ideas into reality, bring clarity to your plan, change overwhelm into actionable steps.  We will work together to change your fears into motivators of success!

We want to help people expand their message to larger audiences that crave the expertise you possess.  I have created, planned and managed thousands of events over the last twenty-five years – as they say when it’s working well, everything is great but when problems arose, things weren’t so great.  All of the issues that come along with over two and half decades have taught me to weave when the troubles came and become steadfast in order to put out fires that are inevitable.

Clients with massive budgets and clients with little or no budgets; events that take a year to plan and some whose planning timeline encompassed hours, not days; C-Suite executives to their employees on their staff, church groups and more; being on site for an event and even handling some remotely – these varied circumstances have all taught me how to plan, think on my feet, “put out the fires” and deal with roadblocks.

Ready to make the shift?
What you can expect in our coaching sessions:

We will:

Get into the nuts and bolts of your event – explore your ideas, the goals you wish to achieve and your desired outcomes. 

Define your purpose, your vision, the structure you wish to work in.

Discover your intention – how you feel, where your heart is so we learn how to keep you on track, through challenges as well as achievements.   

Create a professional plan for your event: we will detail the steps, determine your staff, create a timeline, staying within budget and creating benchmarks to measure your achievements and the profitability of your event.

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