The Power of Connecting


Anyone who tells you that working on your own, being a solo-preneur, or anything where you are the chief-in-charge is ...

The Power of Connecting2022-09-14T01:23:31-04:00

Know. Like. Trust.


“We have been home like never before.” Not true. We, this generation – most probably will answer "yes". Watch one ...

Know. Like. Trust.2022-09-14T01:24:09-04:00

“Pivot Plan”


Fourteen inches of paperwork for Superstorm Sandy SBA application Change. For some, the word is challenging and exciting. For most, ...

“Pivot Plan”2022-09-14T01:24:25-04:00

Having A Plan


Been there... Done that... Got the T-shirt... I even sent postcards and took pictures! It always amazes me how things ...

Having A Plan2022-09-14T01:24:32-04:00
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