We never really talk about how much more valuable a company is when its owner doesn’t need to be involved in the daily operations to make it run.

Business operators
engage in most aspects of daily operations.

Business owners
can ensure the company can operate without your day-to-day involvement by creating and installing systems.

Our ALIGN Business Consulting Program works with the small business owner on how to do this with Jane as your strategic advisor.

When you apply the systems, tools, and guidance shared in our programs, your company can develop an elevated level of automation and independence that makes it possible for you to be unplugged from the company. And setting your company up with the systems, team, and leadership that make it a turnkey operation significantly increases its value to investors.

As we work through the program, you will become a true Business Owner who will:

Be able to step away as Owner/Manager/Chief-Cook-&-Bottlewasher and assume a more proactive role of a Founder, who oversees the company’s team as they work the processes and systems you designed and implemented.

Have a self-motivated Leadership team of All-Stars, built by you, who understand the company’s mission, vision, and values, as well as your leadership style, ensuring a consistently elevated level of work.

Be able to enjoy more free time, a higher level of profitability, and peace of mind knowing you have a solid business foundation.

We would love to speak with you if you:

  • would like your company to become less dependent on you
  • would like to seek investors or partnerships
  • want a family succession plan set for your business
  • might wish to sell your business in the future

I invite you to schedule a Business Growth Discovery Call and explore whether ALIGN Business Consulting is a fit. During this conversation, we’ll talk about the history of your business and where you are now; you’ll clarify goals, identify obstacles, and create ideas to move toward where you want to be.