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The Vaccination Discrimination…


I have said this so many times before, but I mean I really don’t understand people’s thinking. As we have sat through one of the worst periods in our collective history as a WORLD, the divide in this country over vaccinations is mind-boggling. Conspiracy theories abound and my nephew and I can always go back and forth on the plausibility of any one of them, but when public health and the survival of one’s loved ones is in question, do we really need to keep up an argument as people die?

The Vaccination Discrimination…2022-09-23T05:22:07-04:00

Coming Soon: Self Respect


The old saying of “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” is to be considered at its face value – it will not happen again. For that, you can be sure!

Coming Soon: Self Respect2022-09-23T05:22:07-04:00

Middle Management Muddling


I spoke with a prospective client this week whose group will be launching his business in a week. The situation ...

Middle Management Muddling2022-09-14T01:20:08-04:00



Inspiring voices showing resilient spirits! During past year, I have been on many different journeys - connecting with more and ...


The Power of Managing


As Gifford Thomas wrote on the Leadership First blog, "some people think a leader should have a complete set of ...

The Power of Managing2022-09-14T01:20:20-04:00

Found and Lost


My very own United Nations!!! It’s backwards from the usual but it makes sense here. In a year when so ...

Found and Lost2022-09-23T05:22:07-04:00

Lonely at the top


You know what they say, "It's lonely at the top". Doesn't have to be... I always wanted to be in ...

Lonely at the top2022-09-14T01:20:41-04:00
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