Coming Soon: Self Respect


The old saying of “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” is to be considered at its face value – it will not happen again. For that, you can be sure!

Coming Soon: Self Respect2022-09-23T05:22:07-04:00

Found and Lost


My very own United Nations!!! It’s backwards from the usual but it makes sense here. In a year when so ...

Found and Lost2022-09-23T05:22:07-04:00

Searching to find the one…


Searching to find the one! DNA tests, letters, connections and a whole new extended family. With one more installment to come...

Searching to find the one…2022-09-23T05:22:07-04:00

Two Family Trees


That is my new reality - I have TWO family trees on TWO. That's the theme for this - ...

Two Family Trees2022-09-23T05:22:37-04:00

Do We Really Have Change?


  As a StartingBloc Fellow, I sat in sessions less than one year ago and heard how the racism, marginalization, ...

Do We Really Have Change?2022-09-23T05:22:37-04:00
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